Moscow, 4th Monetchikovsky lane, h. 1/6, building 3   Paveleckaya
(entrance from the 5th Monetchikovsky lane, h. 14, private parking)
The schedule of work from 8.00 to 21.00, sunday 9.00 to 18.00



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Adult Outpatient Department

  • Regular medical check-up, cardio check-up, onco check-up
  • Management of acute and chronic diseases according to North American guidelines of Family medicine in conjunction with the most advanced achievements and technology of Russian and European medical practices.
  • All our medical services provided by US, Canadian and Western Europe licensed physicians
  • Our special programs – management of chronic pain syndrome, infertility and other.
  • Physical exams



  • Surgical and therapeutic management of different gynecological diseases.
  • Twelve-to-twelve gynecological medical service
  • Regular gynecological check-ups
  • Pregnancy follow up
  • Theraputic abortions
  • Infertility management
  • Gynecological surgery of private area



  • Pediatric follow up- from birth to 18 years of age according to North American and Russian standards of medical care
  • Pediatric specialists consultations
  • Routine immunization including the risc group patients with accordance to American and Russian immunization schedule


Diagnostic Department

  • Express laboratory results (cytology, biochemistry, hormonal essay). Results are ready in 5-30 minutes
  • X-Ray
  • Echo, Holter monitoring, stress test, ECG
  • Ultrasonographic evaluation with possible fine needle biopsy
  • ndoscopic evaluation- gastroscopy, colonoscopy with and without anesthesia


Dental services

  • Therapeutic
  • Surgical
  • Prosthetics
  • Orthodontic
  • Implants
  • Cleaning and whitening



  • Therapeutic and hardware cosmetology
  • Esthetic medicine
  • Massage


Ambulance and Emergency Medicine Service

  • Own fully equipped ambulance cars
  • First Aid within 30 km from MKAD (Moscow Round Highway)
  • Medical Transportation, up to 300 km from Moscow


House-call services.

  • House-call or ambulance service covering the area of 15 km from MKAD road
  • Medical transportation service (up to 300 km from Moscow)


Inpatient clinic.

  • Management of patients with various therapeutic, cardio and gynecological conditions apart of conditions requires long term treatment in hospital.
  • One day diagnostic work up.


Medical referral service.

  • Medical referral for the best hospitals with accommodation to three-, two-, one- bed wards, luxury wards and medical apartments.
  • Medical supervision before and during hospitalization.