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Radio wave lifting Pelleve

Monopolar radiofrequency exposure with Pelleve ™ technology allows the patient to delay surgical intervention or even avoid it, optimize «costs for appearance», as well as minimize the recovery period, ie, find yourself «protection from aging» »

The high effectiveness of the procedure was confirmed by clinical studies — noticeable improvements were noted in more than 87% of patients within 6 months after one procedure and within 2 years after the course of procedures. »What is Pellevé?

Visible result after the first treatment …

Radio wave lifting Pelleve

What is Pellevé?
The Pellevé method is designed for anyone who wants to look younger, but to delay or completely avoid surgical intervention, pain, and long rehabilitation. For those who want to finally find a universal «protection against aging.» For those who are familiar with such problems as tired skin, fuzzy face, sagging skin under the chin, nasolabial folds and overhanging eyelid skin, «crow’s feet» around the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, around the lips and many more «troubles» which you do not want to remember, looking in the mirror. By the way, the effect of the course of 1-2 procedures is saved up to 2 years!

How does the procedure work?
Depending on the treatment area, the procedure can take from 30 to 90 minutes. The procedure can be performed on the day of the appointment with the doctor, immediately after the initial consultation. Minimal contraindications, no anesthesia. After the make-up, a person lays down on the couch.

Immediately after the procedure, there may be a healthy, attractive blush, and a slight reddening that occurs within minutes or a few hours. But in any case, this is not a laser effect and no rehabilitation and falling out of social life does not happen.

Radio wave lifting Pelleve

Can I get a burn?

It is possible, if the patient suddenly decides that one must endure to loss of consciousness. For this, in the first minutes of the procedure (at the very first time), the doctor and the patient agree on the sensations and conduct the temperature control measurements.

How often should you do these procedures and when will the effect be seen?

Most people have the first effect — visible lifting, improvement of complexion, smoothing of fine, superficial wrinkles occurs immediately. But this is a short-term and first effect. The initiated rejuvenation processes are completed after about 21 days and after this procedure must be repeated. The number of procedures depends on the desire and the visible result and usually ranges from 4 to 6. But sometimes a remarkable result happens even after one procedure.

Radio wave lifting Pelleve

Radio wave lifting Pelleve