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Treatment of skin tumors

In the medical center  IntermedCentre, skin tumors are treated using modern techniques.

Spring, time to prepare for holidays.

We carefully select plants for planting in the country. We dismantle and update the wardrobe, preparing for the beach season. We dream of rest, hoping to restore the health weakened for the year and gain strength for a new labor autumn-winter period.

Unfortunately, a long stay in the sun during summer holidays can bring not only good, but also harm.

In the autumn, on-patient physicians are regularly treated by patients with complaints that after the sunburn new moles have appeared on the skin, or the old ones suddenly began to grow rapidly, get injured, and bleed. These are all signs of the appearance on the body of cancer, skin tumors. And the most terrible among them is melanoma.

Melanoma is a malignant tumor of the skin that affects the skin and mucous membranes. It develops from cells that produce skin pigment — melanocytes. Therefore, usually such a skin tumor is of a dark color, from brown to blue-black. But, there are also non-pigmentary melanomas.

Signs of a tumor

More often this skin tumor arises in the open areas of the human body, exposed to sunlight. There are even specific localizations, such as the tumor of the left hand driver of transport (highlighted by American researchers). There are also changes in ordinary moles, the appearance of which should alert you:

  • Asymmetry — a mole gets an irregular shape, one half begins to grow and change faster than the other;
  • Edge — the borders of the birthmark become uneven, indistinct;
  • Bleeding — with a slight injury, the tumor can bleed;
  • Coloring — the color of the birthmark varies, it usually happens unevenly;
  • Size and Diameter — rapid increase, tumor growth.

Conditionally, a complex of these signs of the appearance of skin tumors is called by the first letters of the list.

The appearance of two or more of these signs should alert the patient. If there is redness around the birthmark, itching or it bleeds, then you can not postpone the visit to the doctor!

Treatment of skin tumors in the medical center IntermedCenter

Treatment of tumors, including melanoma, is now well developed. If a skin tumor is detected in the early stages, it must be removed with a subsequent histological examination. This in most cases allows you to cure a person.

Categorically incorrect is the outdated opinion that such tumors as birthmarks can not be touched, that they should be simply observed. Such tactics can lead to irreversible consequences.

To date, the best method of removing any skin tumors is an operation using a CO2 laser. It is this laser that has a wavelength that allows you to remove the skin tumor almost completely and absolutely safely. It is this laser that provides absolute ablation of the operation (eliminating the risk of scattering of tumor cells into neighboring tissues).

We use the means of preventing the appearance of malignant skin tumors, such as observation, regular consultations with the doctor, especially on the eve of the summer holidays, and the timely removal of suspicious moles.

Spare no time for a visit to the doctor. A timely diagnosis can save your life!