Abortion on Paveletskaya in InterMedCenter

Abortion is an unnatural termination of pregnancy. Abortion is carried out with the help of medicinal preparations or in other medical way. To carry out abortion is necessary strictly under the supervision of a specialist doctor and only in a specialized center. In many other medical institutions gynecological departments function where one can do abortion.

Now you can do abortion at different stages of pregnancy and all this thanks to new technologies and modern equipment that our medical center is equipped with. Most often, the desire to have an abortion occurs in those women who did not plan to have a baby at the moment. But this is not the only reason for abortion. Often, the reasons are more than primitive: there is no money to keep and raise a baby, there is nowhere to live, there is no work, education, the father of the child refuses to accept it, the father of the child is unknown and the young mother is afraid to remain alone … this list can be continued indefinitely.

Terms of the abortion

The safest time when you can have an abortion in our clinic at Paveletskaya is a period of up to 3 months. Abortion is performed by vacuum or medication. Medical abortion is carried out if more than eight weeks have passed since conception. There is also a classic type of abortion. It is carried out for up to 12 weeks, but is the most traumatic and this type of abortion is very rarely used, except in special circumstances.

Indications for abortion

If during pregnancy, the expectant mother picked up some virus, because of which there is a very high probability that the child will be born infertility or underdeveloped, the pregnant woman is offered to have an abortion. This happens often due to the fact that young future mothers disregard the advice of a doctor and use illegal drugs or substances that harm the development of the child. Therefore, before accepting anything, consult with an expert. Our clinic at Paveletskaya employs highly qualified specialists who are ready to help at any time! After all, as far as the future mother is aware, the development and health of the child depends.

It is worth noting that the termination of pregnancy for more than 20 weeks in some CIS countries is punishable by law and equated with murder.

Remember that any surgical intervention in the body carries consequences, much less an intervention on the gynecological part. Perhaps, from one wrong step you can not have children afterwards.

The life of a child is much more important than other circumstances in your life, dear mothers!