Suvalyan Michael

Suvalyan Michael


Dr. Suvalyan graduated from the Semashko Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute, and undertook post-graduate studies in traumatology and orthopedics at the Sklifosovskyi Research Institute in Moscow. He is a physician of the First Official Qualification. He currently serves as Traumatologist / Orthopedist on the staff of the Sklifosovskyi Institute. In 2002, Dr. Suvalyan successfully defended his PhD Thesis and underwent additional post-graduate studies in the orthopedic clinic at Denver Health Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, USA. Dr. Suvalyan successfully completed courses presented by the American Academy of Orthopedics / American Academy of Surgical Internal Fixation in Denver. He was awarded a prize for his presentation: “Work in the Name of Life”. Dr. Suvalyan has been an Orthopedic Consultant with Intermedcenter for 6 years.