Gladyshev Ilya

Gladyshev Ilya


IUV NMHTS them. N.I. Pirogova: (higher (specialist)), specialty: otorhinolaryngology. Residency at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the Institute for Advanced Training of Physicians at the National Medical and Surgical Center. N.I. Pirogov.

1 MGMU them. IM Sechenov: (higher (specialist)), specialty: General Surgery. Internship at the Department of Faculty Surgery N2.

MMA them. IM Sechenov: (higher (bachelor)), specialty: medical business.

Professional skills:

  • The whole spectrum of outpatient ENT help: infectious purulent diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses, external and middle ear, pharynx and tonsils.
  • Punctures of the maxillary sinuses, catheterization of auditory tubes, dissection of boils, abscesses, blockade, small surgery of benign neoplasms.