Zaripova Elena

Zaripova Elena

She graduated from the Irkutsk State Medical University with a degree in dentistry

Advanced training in therapeutic dentistry at the Moscow State Medical and Dental University named after AI Evdokimov.

She knows the methods:

  • Integrated professional hygiene of the oral cavity with the power of ultrasonic cleaning, Air-flow apparatus, professional pastes, etc .;
  • Professional teeth whitening with new generation products;
  • Endodontic treatment and preparation for prosthetics by modern methods;
  • Restoration of teeth with materials of light curing;
  • Conducts therapeutic treatment of diseases of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

Courses and trainings:

  • 2017 — Picasso master class — working with 3D visualization programs Ez3DPlus / Planmeca Remexis Viewer;
  • 2016 — «Modern Endodontics»;
  • 2010 — conference and master-class «Aesthetic restoration of all groups of teeth».