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About Us

About Us

About Us

Alexander Myasnikov, MD, PhD

Family Physician, Internist, Cardiologist, Anti-aging Specialist.

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov is a representative of the third generation Moscow medical tradition, tradition, that enriched by his American training.

Alexander graduated from the State University of New York and Brookdale Hospital Medical Center. Prior to this, he graduated from the Pirogov Moscow Medical Institute in 1976 and finished his Cardiology Fellowship at the National Cardiology Center of Russia. Early in his career, Dr. Myasnikov had been practicing for four years as an internist, cardiologist and general practitioner in Africa and France with the International Organization for Migration before he returned to Russia.

In 1996, he was certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, and began his training in the USA. Then he became certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, as Cardiologist. He is a member of the American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Alexander is the former Medical Director of the American Medical Center.

Dr. Myasnikov opened the American Medical Center here in Moscow in 2002.

Now Alexander Myasnikov is the Medical Director of Kremlin Clinic in Moscow.

About UsThe core of any clinic or medical center is the team of doctors. Their professionalism and the way they treat their patients define the reputation of the clinic. For the past 15 years our team and our clinic has been considered the best in Moscow and in Russia. Our team was formed when almost no one in Russia knew about the medical specialization of ”family doctor,” and the words “family or private medicine” were associated only with dental departments, gynecology or cosmetology. We were the first “private clinic” in Russia that could offer complete medical care and medical services — real “family medicine”. The patient with hypertension could bring his pregnant wife, who would be under our medical supervision until birth of her child. And after delivery, that child would be in the care of our pediatricians. Our patients brought all their problems to us, and they knew with certainty that we provide the appropriate diagnostic work-up and competent medical care. Our current physicians were trained in family medicine with American and European doctors, who were practicing here. Foreign specialists were coming and going back, but our doctors have stayed — gaining experience, learning to maintain the American and European standards of working on the day to day basis, and becoming qualified specialists. Our team became the first registered, certified family doctors in Russia; and the first “Family Doctor” certificate was given to doctor Alexeev who is still practicing at Intermedcenter. Russian doctors who joined our team more recently studied in USA, Canada and Great Britain and have professional certification of these countries. There are more US and UK licensed doctors at Intermedcenter than in any clinic in Moscow. Some of our doctors went back to North America or England for advanced medical training (fellowships).

Fifteen years is the time to maintain such success. The Clinic has changed its name and address several times — but the most important thing remain the same,- it is our team of doctors and their attitude towards our patients, who can come to our clinic anytime and with any question or concern. Among our patients there are many — politicians, tycoons, artists — who can afford to go to any clinic in any country. However they are among our clients due to our professionalism, attitude, and competence. At the very beginning (fifteen years ago) our clients were primarily foreigners who were attracted by our English speaking staff and by the North American and British standards of care. There is a trend of the last several years to increase the number of our compatriots. There is a well-known fact of dissatisfaction in many Russian clinics — where one doctor prescribes a treatment, second one changes it and a third cancels everything and prescribes something different. Those, who come to see us know that the approach to their problem will be the same as with an experienced doctor in New York or London. About UsWe continue to follow Western standards of treatment; we also have weekly medical rounds for all of our staff to make sure our doctors are aware of the latest medical updates. Here we are not doing many unnecessary tests. We are discussing each case individually and if it is above our competence, we will consult with our colleagues in US, Canada or UK, where our staff doctors have studied and have personal and inter-hospital contacts. In case our patients need treatment abroad, we initially discuss the problem with our foreign colleagues and then refer our clients to the appropriate place, where the specialists are already informed about the medical problem.

It is a well-known fact that many serious medical problems occur at night or on the weekends. We have a 24/7 in-patient department in our clinic, so if needed our patients always have the possibility of hospitalization. If for some reason, we are not be able to manage the medical condition in our in-patient department, we will organize a specialist’s consultation or transfer to the most appropriate ICU (intensive care) or other special department.