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The schedule of work from 8.00 to 21.00, sunday 9.00 to 18.00

Psychotherapy and psychiatry

Psychotherapy and Psychiatry

Emotional and mood disorders, anxiety and stress-related conditions influence quality of life, relationships, family situation and work productivity significantly. In modern world these problems tend to become epidemic. According to WHO data in 2000 depression was number one in cases of disability and the second cause of mortality.

We have worked out 4 unique programs for you:

  • Diagnostics and treatment
    of psyche disorders using the latest psychotherapeutic and if necessary drug correction methods and strategies.
  • Improving quality of life
    by mastering simple techniques of achieving mental hygiene and “stress surfing” (a unique method by I. Kirillov developed on the basis of positive psychotherapy, which enables to use stress induced energy for personal growth and getting pleasure of acquiring realistic results).
  • Family psychological services:
    • Marriage decision-making
    • Pregnancy and giving birth to a child
    • Parent-child relationships
    • Divorce
  • Psychological advice for business:
    • Programs for corporative psychological help
    • Solving difficult situations at your workplace
    • Mastering positive coach management
    • Developing emotional maturity among employees (self-motivation, communication and other)
    • Managing emotional risks