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The schedule of work from 8.00 to 21.00, sunday 9.00 to 18.00

Karamyshev Anatoliy

Coloproctologist, surgeon
Karamyshev Anatoliy

In 2003 he graduated from the Moscow State Medical and Dental University, majoring in «Medicine», qualification «Doctor».

Has a certificate: «Coloproctology», the date of issue — February 19, 2013.

Internship on the specialty «Surgery» — Department of Hospital Surgery of the Moscow State Medical Stomatological University (2003-2004). Postgraduate education and work as a coloproctology doctor at the State Scientific Center of Coloproctology (2004-2007). Since 2008 to the present time — a doctor-coloproctologist in the department of one of the leading clinics in Moscow

Member of the Association of Coloproctologists of Russia.


  • hemorrhoids at different stages, as well as after previous operations, acute and chronic anal fissure, constipation;
  • rectocele (perineal hernia);
  • condyloma;
  • cryptite, papillitis, sphincteritis;
  • acute paraproctitis;
  • fistulas of the rectum of various degrees of complexity;
  • epithelial coccygeal passage;
  • different types of colitis;
  • ulcerative colitis (conservative and surgical treatment);
  • conservative and operative treatment of Crohn’s disease of the small and large intestine, perianal complications;
  • diverticulosis and diverticular disease;
  • benign neoplasm of colon;
  • prolapse of rectum;
  • benign anal canal and perineal formations (including various cysts, teratomas);
  • reconstructive-reconstructive operations to restore the integrity of the digestive tract after previous operations on the colon and rectum;
  • different types of stoma (condition after resection of various parts of the colon);
  • cancer of the rectum and colon.

Performed operations:

  • anal fissures, hemorrhoids (various modifications, including minimally invasive), fistulas of the rectum of different degrees of complexity, epithelial coccygeal path, acute paraproctitis;
  • perianal condylomas, polyps and villous tumors of the rectum with transrectal access, buzhirovanie structures of the direct and sigmoid (up to 20 cm) gut;
  • malignant (cancer) and benign tumors of the colon and rectum, including locally distributed;
  • diverticular disease;
  • reconstructive rehabilitation.